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  • Taybeh has an all christian population of approximately 1400.  It is considered the only 100% christian village in Palestine.  The people of Taybeh belong to three christian denominations: the Latin (Roman Catholic) church, the Greek Orthodox church as well as the Melkite (Greek Catholic) church.
  • Taybeh is also home to the ruins of a  Byzantine era church known as "El Khader" (Saint George) situated to the east of the town.  One can admire its remains behind the Melkite (Greek Catholic) church.  Noticeable are its three vault construction with its two chapels, the entrance portico and stairway, as well as its well-preserved and beautiful cruciform baptistery.  The church was rebuilt by the crusaders during the twelveth (12th) century.
  • Recently, a site containing mosaics dating back to the fourth (4th) century was discovered next to the Greek Orthodox church.  A small chapel was built to preserve the site. 
  • The Parable House is an old palestinian house, loacted in a courtyard immediately in front of the Latin (Roman Catholic) church, is a 250 year old house with its entrance dating back to 2000 years ago.  The house serves to give a better understanding of the context in which the thirty eight parables of Jesus and other parts of the Bible took place

  • Ruins of the Byzantine Church
    "El Khader"

    The Roman Catholic Church

    The Greek Orthodox Church


    The Greek Catholic Church


    Taybeh's Schools

    • Taybeh Greek Orthodox Patriarchal School serves over 270 students grades K-12 from Taybeh and neighboring villages.
    • Taybeh Latin School serves over 400 students grades K-12 from Taybeh and neighboring villages.